Yuck Game Show!

Getting messy is part of the fun in this interactive game show. Audience members compete in silly games and challenges with the goal of seeing the winning team captain covered in slime!

Also available with a SCIENCE emphasis.

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Volunteers are pulled from the audience to reenact “authentic” moments from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Complete with little Annie Oakley’s shooting, trick roping, an Indian race and Indian dance, and a reenactment of life on a cattle drive.

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A new crew is recruited from the audience at the start of each show to learn pirate jobs and go on their first adventure together. Includes mermaids, exotic sea life, a villainous shark, and lots of little pirates learning to say “argh!”

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“I was very impressed with your natural rapport with the children and families in the audience . . . “

“We will be requesting a repeat performance next year . . . “