In the Yuck Game Show, the audience competes in silly games and physical challenges with the goal of seeing the winning team captain covered in slime. A wash station is provided to the audience for easy clean up, and plastic sheeting is used to contain any mess during the show.

Typical fair or festival shows are 25 mins, with 3-4 shows scheduled daily. New material is rotated in to each show throughout the day so that the experience is unique for returning guests (and it is very common for the audience to return for a second show!). Science components that can be emphasized when STEM programming is desired.

Optimal presentation of this show requires:

-Approx. 12×16 performance space on ground, risers, or stage with front or side steps for audience access

-Standard water hose connection within 100 ft if wash station is used

-Electrical connection (one 20A or two 15A circuits ideal; or one dedicated 15A at a minimum)

Sound system, lighting, and all other materials are provided. A 12×16 stage is available to Texas-area events or to others for an additional travel fee.

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