The Buffalo Bill Show is one of two ‘dress up shows’ I offer. It can be booked individually, or both it and Pirates Ahoy can be rotated through your event schedule.

In this show, the audience acts is invited on stage to act out skits based on the acts of the historic Wild West Show. As a precursor to the modern rodeo, this show has a obvious tie-in to the culture of many fairs. Kids love having their moments to shine in various western roles, and the crowd is charmed by their unique reactions as they are led through the show.

The footprint of this show is quite flexible, but an approx. 12×16 foot stage area plus seating for the audience is typical. The show can be performed on the ground, on risers, or on stages with audience access via front or side steps. I can provide a stage that is suited for the show to events in or near Texas, but providing it outside my region may require an additional fee for transportation